Proximol Compound
Generic Name
Proximadiol, Hexamine, Piperazine citrate
Genitourinary System
Each 100 grams contain:
Halfa bar extract..............18.6 mg (equivalent to 8 mg Proxamidol)
Hexamine...............................6 g
Piperazine citrate....................1 g
For expulsion of ureteric stones; uric acid dissolvent; and urinary antispetic.
Proximol Compound acts an an efficient preparatin for expulsion of ureteric calculi by the unique action of its content of proximadiol (present in the purified extract of Halfa bar) which produces ureteric dilatation while increasing the propuslive movement of the smooth muscles of the ureter, helping in expulsion of the calculi.
Proximol Compound also dissolves uric acid and urate crystals, preventing their deposition in the urinary tract. These effects are mainly achieved by the action of Piperazine citrate.
Proximol Compound also acts as an effective urinary antiseptic due to its content of Hexamine which liberates formaldehyde in the urine. Formaldehyde possesses antibacterial activity against many bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections.
Proximol Compound is indicated:
  • As a propulsive for ureteric stones
  • In presence of excess uric acid and urate crystals in urine
  • In urinary tract infections, e.g. pyelitis, cystitis and urethritis
Proximol Compound is contraindicated in:
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the components
  • Impairment of renal or hepatic function
Drug Interactions
Side Effects/Adverse Effects
Rarely, nausea may occur.
Pregnancy & Lactation
The safety of the use of Proximol Compound during pregnancy has not been justified, so it is better to be avoided during the first trimester, as is the case with many other new drugs.
Dosage & Administration
Two teaspoonfuls (or 1 sachet) in half a glass of water three times daily after meals, as directed by the physician.
Some of the rarely used sulfonamides, e.g. sulphamethizole and sulphathiazole, may form insoluble pericipiates with the liberated formaldehye in the urine; hence, hexamine-containing preparations are not recommended to be used concurrently with these sulphonamides.
Patients with urinary lithiasis should be advised to take plenty of fluid to help in extrusion of the calculi.
Store below 25°C, protected from humidity.
Proximol Compound is available as:
  • Waxed, sealed glass bottles of 60 grams
  • Boxes of 12 sachets (5 grams each)
Kahira Pharma and Chemical Ind. Co.
Date Added/Updated
14th November 2011 3:23 pm


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