Generic Name
Triptorelin acetate
Genitourinary System
Each disposable syringe with 1 ml injectable solution contains:
Triptorelin acetate..............0.1 and 0.5 mg
Decapeptyl is a synthetic analogue of gonadorelin (GnRH). As a result of the substitution of the 6th amino acid residue in the native molecule, the agnostic effect is more pronounced and the plasma half-life prolonged.
Daily injection of Decapeptyl initially results in a stimulation of the pituitary release of LH and FSH. After prolonged stimulation the pituitary becomes refractory, the gonadotropin release declines, resulting in a decrease of the sex steroids (testosterone or estrogen) to castrate levels. The effects are reversible.
Decapeptyl is indicated in situations where lowering of sex steroid serum levels to castrate levels is desired. For example:
Therapy: Symptomatic treatment of an advanced hormone-dependent prostate carcinoma.
Diagnostic agent: To clarify through differential diagnosis the hormonal dependence of a prostate carcinoma.
Endometriosis, Uterine Myoma, IVF
Drug Interactions
Side Effects/Adverse Effects
The pharmacological side effects owing to the suppression of hormone production include:
In Men
Hot flushes, impotence and loss of libido, gynceomastia
In Women
Hot flushes, vaginal dryness and/or dyspareunia, spotting and as a result of the decrease of estrogen levels to post-menopausal values, slight trabceular bone loss may occur. However, this is recovered completely within 6-9 months after treatment has been discontinued.

Less frequent side effects reported include:
In rare cases allergic reactions (fever, itching, exanthema, anaphylaxia), headache, tiredness and sleep disturbances. In general, the side effects are mild and disappear after treatment has been stopped.
Pregnancy & Lactation
In animal tests, no teratogenic effects have been detected. In humans, there is insufficient experience.
There are insufficient data relating to the use of Decapeptyl during lactation.
Dosage & Administration
Usual Dose:
  • 0.5 mg s.c. daily for 7 days
  • Followed by 0.1 mg daily as maintenace dose
  • 7 to 10 days with 0.5 mg s.c.
  • Followed by 0.1 mg s.c. daily
Monitoring of the therapy should be performed according to the sex steroid serum levels.
Assisted Reproduction
To prevent hyperstimulation, careful monitoring of follicular growth and luteal phase especially in patients with polycystic ovaries.
The initial transient increase of serum testosterone has, in a few patients, been associated with a temporary aggravation of seconday symptoms of the disease, e.g. urinary obstructions, skeletal pain due to metastasis. Close monitoring durign the first weeks of treatment should, in these cases, be carried out. The temporary increase of serum testosterone levels can be avoided by treatment with an anti-androgen during the first treatment period.
Prior to treatmnet, non-pregnancy should be confirmed. During the first month of treatment, patients should use non-hormonal contraceptive. Women should not use preparations containing estrogens during the Decapeptyl therapy. During treatment of uterine myoma, uterus and myoma size should be measured regularly by means of, for example, ultrasonography. Unproportionally rapid reduction of uterus volume in comparison with myoma tissue has, in few cases, caused bleeding and sepsis.
The disposable syringes should be stored in the package, protected from light.
Decapeptyl 0.1 mg: Box of 7 or 28 disposable syringes of 1 ml solution each.
Decapeptyl 0.5 mg: Box of 7 disposable syringes of 1 ml solution each.
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