Generic Name
Cerebrovascular System
Each ml contains:
Citicholine...............100 mg
Somazina stimulates the biosynthesis of the structural phospholipids of the neuronal membranes, and thus improves the function of the membrane mechanisms (e.g. the functioning of the ion exchange pumps and membrane receptors); this improvement is essential for proper neuro-transmission. Due to its membrane stabilizing effect, Somazina has cerebral anti-edematous properties. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Somazina improves the symptoms associated with hypoxia and cerebral ischemia such as loss of memory, emotional lability, lack of initiative, difficulties of daily life activities and personal care. Somazina is also proved effective in the treatment of cognitive, sensory, motor and neuropsychological disorders of degenerative or vascular origin.
Somazina oral solution is indicated for the treatment of cognitive, sensory, motor and neuropsychological disorders of degenerative or vascular origin.
Somazina oral solution is also indicated for the treatment of aute and sub-acute cerebro-vascular accidents, recent head traumatisms and their sequelae once the patient can swallow.
Somazina is contraindicated in:
  • Parasympathetic hypertonia
  • Known allergy to citicholine
Drug Interactions
The following interactions have been reported:
  • Coadministration of citicholine with medicaments containing meclofenoxate is not recommended.
  • Citicholine poteniates the effects of L-Dopa.
Side Effects/Adverse Effects
Very few cases of mild gastrointestinal adverse effects have been reported with the use of citicholine.
Pregnancy & Lactation
Although animal studies did not demonstrate any teratogenic effects, yet there are no available data for the use of citicholine in pregnant women, those suggested to be pregnant, or during lactation. Therefore, the drug should be administered only in cases here the benefit outweighs the potential risk.
Dosage & Administration
Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, and depending on the seriousness of the condition to be treated, Somazina oral solution can be used according to the following dosage regimen:
  1. In case of cognitive impairment:
    • Adults: 500-1000 mg/day for at least three months.
    • Children: 500-750 mg/day for at least three months.
  2. In case of acute and sub-acute cerebro-vascular accidents and once the patient can swallow:
    • Adults: 500-2000 mg/day for six weeks.
    • Children: 500-750 mg/day for six weeks.
Packs of 2 bottles of 10 ml each.
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